(1) Ensure you use double walled removal boxes. Single walled boxes are not suitable and will collapse under a very slight weight. Removal boxes come in various sizes from archive boxes to plasma/LCD TV boxes.

(2) Pack books, CDs and heavy items in smaller boxes; your Simply Moving team will be strong but they are not super human.

(3) Try not to leave boxes half empty, this takes up valuable space and the boxes lose their rigidity. If packing fragile items use cushions or bedding to fill any voids and protect your valuable items.

(4) Plasma screen TVs and LCD TVs need to be kept upright. See if the original box is still in the garage or attic and check your owners manual for further information.

(5) If packing fine china ensure you use acid free tissue paper to avoid staining. News print is suitable for everyday crockery and other ornaments.

(6) Remove and wrap your microwave plate.

(7) If any items of furniture require individual wrapping, ensure you use high quality bubble wrap. Please get in touch to arrange as this can be supplied at cost by your Simply Moving team. Don’t allow the packing tape to touch the varnished surfaces as it can remove delicate coatings.

(8) If moving overseas check regulations for importing of goods in your destination country. Plants and garden furniture are an example of banned items imported into many countries

(9) Pack soft furnishings or duvets into bin liners, these will fill gaps in the Simply Moving vehicle and save filling expensive boxes (thereby saying you money)

(10) Write “fragile” on boxes containing delicate items. When labelling boxes a colour coding system works great (i.e. red stickers for bathroom). This will ensure your Simply Moving team place items in the correct rooms first time.

(11) If dismantling slat beds, tape all slats together and place nuts, bolts and screws in a bedside table.

(12) Pack clothes into suitcases where possible or order portable wardrobe boxes from our Simply Boxes page.

(13) Roll up and tape rugs from the unseen side.

(14) Empty petrol from lawnmowers and disconnect barbecue gas. Simply Moving vehicles are not insured to carry gas or flammable liquids.