Whatever the size of your business, limiting down time is a major factor to the success of a move. Whether the move is within your businesses local town or if your organisation is relocating to the other side of the country; Simply Moving has the resources to successfully plan and implement your businesses relocation.

At Simply Moving we have the flexibility to fit your relocation around a timeframe that is most convenient to your business, limiting the period that your business isn’t working. We have teams available to work on weekends and through the night in order to minimise disruption.

Irrespective of the size or complexity of your businesses relocation, Simply Moving will ensure that the move is conducted in an efficient yet cost effective way, with the complete care and attention that we give to every removal. As with every Simply Moving move, a senior mover will manage the removal team and coordinate the move process. For businesses employing over 10 staff, meeting and liasing with a Simply Moving Move Manager; ideally a month before the day of the planned relocation, will increase the smooth running of the relocation. The move manager will be able to plan and coordinate requirements such as packing and specialist IT relocation, as well as plan access and parking at both the old and the new premises for the day of the removal.

Simply Moving offers the same clear transparent pricing options that we offer a client moving home. We will happily quote a fixed price for the entire job, or as has proved very popular with businesses with under 10 employees; using the hourly rate pricing option where the business is charged for the exact amount of movers’ time used. Simply Moving – moving doesn’t have to be complicated