• Check the contents ­of lofts and attics and dispose of any unwanted items.
  • Sort through your possessions and decide what you wish to take with you when you move. If there are any items you wish to dispose of think about donating to local charity shops.
  • Arrange for your children’s records to be transferred to their new schools.
  • Gather moving supplies: boxes, tape, bubble wrap. Visit our Simply Boxes page to order supplies at great prices delivered to your door. We may be able to supply some packing materials on the day for any last minute items but please get in touch to arrange.
  • Place legal, medical, and insurance records in a safe and accessible place.


  • Let your broadband supplier know as soon as possible that you are moving to ensure you are not penalised for cancelling/changing your account.
  • Buy change of address cards to send out to friends and family.
  • If you are moving out of the local area you will have to transfer your doctor, dentist and optician and register with new ones in your new area.


  • Have your car serviced, particularly if you are moving far away.
  • Start to pack-up non essential items and ensure to label all boxes with the details of their contents and which room they are going to.
  • Inform your credit cards, store cards and insurance companies of your change of address.
  • Book pets into kennels/cattery etc, or arrange for friends to look after them for moving day. If possible arrange childcare or ask a relative to look after youngsters on moving day or set aside an area of the house for them to play in with some of their toys. If you would like Simply Moving to move your children please ensure we have a suitable sized box ready.
  • Arrange for parking of the Simply Moving removal van outside your current and new addresses.
  • Arrange for mail forwarding with Royal Mail. Follow link to do this online:- redirection
  • Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions must be notified of your change of address.
  • Contact the telephone company to close or transfer your telephone account on the proposed date of completion.
  • Inform the DVLA of your change of address; Follow link to do this online :- DVLA
  • Start to run down your freezer and throw out any out of date tins and jars in your kitchen cupboards.
  • Consider changing the locks at your new property and contact local locksmiths about this, you never know who has had these keys in the past.


  • Notify your local councils (current and new) of your change of address.
  • Inform TV Licensing of your change of address; Follow link to do this online :-
  • Only shop for essential food items. Plan your meals to use up existing food stocks, especially from your freezer. Fridges and freezer need time to let the gases settle at the new property before they can be switched on.
  • Contact your mobile phone network to let them know your change of address.
  • Do not water any plants a week before moving.
  • Contact water authority to cancel existing contract, have meter read if applicable.
  • Settle all outstanding accounts with your milkman & newsagent and cancel or change address on magazine subscriptions.
  • Check with your estate agents when the keys to your new home will be available on the day of your move and what you should do with your own keys. Spare keys should be labelled and left in a secure place in the house.
  • Pack a box for use in the new home to include light bulbs, toilet rolls, candles, screwdriver, matches, pliers, knife, nails, hammer, hooks, cash and a note of important telephone numbers and don’t forget your mobile phone charger, it could be some time before the landline is installed.
  • Empty, disconnect and drain pipes of your dishwasher and washing machine. Secure the drum with travel brackets if available, Simply Moving can help with this on the day should you require it.
  • Empty your fridge and freezer of any unwanted food.


  • Keep essentials to hand. A kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, cups, spoons, toilet paper, dustpan and brush and vacuum cleaner.
  • Pack any overnight bags if required.
  • Put some cash, your credit cards and cheque book in a safe but convenient place.


  • Show your Simply Moving team round your house, including the garage and shed. Explain your labelling system.
  • If you wish you can assist your Simply Moving team with the move by carrying light boxes and small items to the side of the vehicle.
  • When the Simply Moving vehicle is loaded walk through your property with the removal team leader to ensure all items have been collected.
  • Check we have the correct directions to your new house and agree an approximate arrival time. Take the team leaders mobile phone number and ensure he has yours
  • Collect all the keys and leave them with the agreed person.
  • Take final meter readings for gas, electricity and water.
  • Remove all bedding and clearly label the box for immediate unpacking for the first night at your new home.


  • Contact your old gas and electricity companies to give them your final meter readings.
  • Surrender any parking permits from your old address and apply for a new one if applicable.
  • Order a takeaway, crack open a bottle of bubbly, start planning colour schemes and decorating plans.